Our Rates.

Bed & Breakfast per person sharing Standard Room

ZAR‎ 816,18

Bed & Breakfast per person sharing Luxury room

ZAR‎ 896,69

Bed & Breakfast Single Standard Room

ZAR‎ 1.093,39

Bed & Breakfast Single Luxury Room

ZAR‎ 1.463,04

Single Supplement ( 1 person sharing with 2 adults)

ZAR‎ 537,97

Children 6-12 years per child  sharing with Parents

ZAR‎ 501,93

Bed & Breakfast Guide Room Rate per guide

ZAR‎ 731,58

Fishing & Dining.

Course Dinner/ Seafood Dinner should be ordered before 12h00

Fishing per person 2200.00N$ per person, minimum of 2 persons fishing 4400.00. Non fisherman joing the fishermen 1100.00N$. Please confirm the fishing prices as this might change still, before quoting the rate to your client

3 Course Dinner/ Seafood Dinner

310,00 ZAR

Light Lunch includes Coffee & Tea

210,00 ZAR

2 Course Dinner

265,00 ZAR


165,00 ZAR

Single course Dinner

220,00 ZAR

Dinner (Children (6-12)

150,00 ZAR

Fishing Trip