Fishing From The Beach!

Many people have probably fished once in their lives from a boat or at a lake but have you ever fished in the Atlantic Ocean, right from the beach, with your feet in the shore?

This is a truly unique experience and a real must-do activity when you are in Namibia!  When staying at Fisherman’s Guesthouse it’s only a word and Louis will be ready to take you out for a fun-filled day of fishing.

Louis knows all the best spots and the best techniques to help you catch a real trophy fish! The best part of the whole day out is not only the thrill you get once you pull in your catch but also the adrenaline that rushes through your veins while you are fighting with a nice big fish.

But this is not all, the highlight of fishing trip is in the evening when you get to dig into a plate full of your personal catch of the day prepared by a top chef!


Galjoen is mainly found in the shallow coastal waters and amongst the rock. This dark brown fish has a small mouth and will have an average size of 30 cm but it can grow to 80 cm big! The Galjoen is mostly active at high tide.

The best bait to use is mussel or crayfish. This fish is very popular with the Namibians as it is has a very light meat structure and flavourful taste!


Kabeljauw Or Silver Kob

At the coasts of Namibia and specially in the area of Henties Bay you will have a big chance to catch this delicious fish. The Silver Kob or Kabeljouw can weigh up to 30kg. It has a nice silver colour with a pink shine.

As it feeds mainly at night you should get up early to have a good chance at catching a nice lunch or dinner!Casting deep and using pilchards or squid as bait will help you with the task.


Steenbras is a typical fish that you will only find on the West-Coast. As it mainly feeds in the turbulent and shallow waters even up to only than 10 feet from the shore this is a perfect fish to angle for from the beach!

The Steenbras has a silver shine and it can grow up to almost one meter but the average size is around 40cm, which is the size you are looking for to have a soft and flavourful fresh fish on the girl!

Shark Fishing

Unique in the World

This is the top activity and a dream for every fish enthusiast on the globe.  Go fishing for Sharks in the Atlantic Ocean standing on the beach with your feet in the shore, you have never felt a fight between yourself and nature to be so real!

This is an activity you must plan into your itinerary when visiting Namibia! Let us take you out to some of the best spots at the coast of Hentiesbaai where we will help you with the right equipment and bate to get yourself a real big shark hooked!

Many people have done it and all rave that it is probably the most exciting thing they have done in their life!

Keep in mind that the fight to pull the shark on the beach sometimes takes more than one hour once you have it hooked on the line!

Take a look at our photos and see for yourself what a wonderful trophy you can catch!

Bronzy Or Coppershark

This is the more common and popular of the sharks you’ll find at the coast of Namibia. It can weight up to 190 kg and will give you serious angling challenge! Together with Hunt & Fish Namibia you will find the perfect spot and bait to catch this amazing Shark!

Spotty Or Spotted Gully Shark

This strong shark is commonly caught by shore anglers and can easily be identified by its black spots. Its length can reach up to 170 cm.  It is an inshore, bottom-dwelling shark, occurring mainly on sandy and rock bottoms to a depth of about 50 m.